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An Integrated Journey Back To Health And Happiness, By Dr Kate Wood


After a 17 year battle with mysterious illnesses that were labelled by medical doctors as glandular fever, chronic fatigue, a severe magnesium deficiency and ‘all in her head’, Kate was finally diagnosed with Lyme disease. Only this disease is not recognised in Australia. So bed-ridden and fighting for her life, Kate took her healing into her own hands; she paid thousands of dollars, travelled thousands of kilometres to Germany and with the help of some fabulous doctors and health professionals, and the support of her family and friends, beat Lyme disease. In this book Kate shares not just her personal journey but many great diagnosis and treatment gems for those suffering Lyme-like or mysterious illnesses.


This 500 page book covers numerous topics including:

  • Getting Savvy with Lyme Disease
  • Physical: practitioner based treatments, self-help supportive treatments, exercise, sleep, EMF, grounding, breathing, testing protocols (including genetic testing)
  • Biomechanical: medications, supplements, antimicrobials, homeopathy, water, nutrition, bone broth, fermented foods, inflammation, biofilm, GIT, hormonal support, mould, methylation, MTHFR, detoxification (self, home/environment, mind), epigenetics
  • Emotional: dealing with thoughts and emotions, tips for family and friends when a loved one is sick, supportive therapies
  • Spiritual: life lessons, eternal principles, life setting, gratitude, meditation, life coaching, Reiki, protection and clearing, music
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