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Knee Anatomy The four main ligaments in the knee: ACL, MCL, LCL, PCL attach to the femur and tibia. The quadriceps tendon connects the top of the patella. Segments of the quadriceps tendon —the patellar retinacula—attach to tibia and stabilize the patella. Articular cartilage covers ends of the femur, trochlear groove, and the underside of […]

General Pre-Season Check Ups And Preventative Exercises/Lifestyle Choices

At Health Space, most clients present to us only after having sustained an injury. As Physiotherapists, while it is our responsibility to provide them with the after care they need, we also hope to be able to educate them and prevent them from harming themselves in the first place. The February – March period marks […]

Standing Leg Lift

Check out our Physiotherapist Eleni – here she demonstrates yet another ‘easy’ way to strengthen the gluteus muscles with a Standing Leg Lift! To do this exercise properly, ensure you lean your upper body forward from the hips – this will keep the work in your glutes, and not your lower back. Lean your arms […]

Glute Exercise with Resistance Tubing

Our Physiotherapist Eleni demonstrates how to do a Kneeling Glute Kick back with a resistance band. All you need is a yoga mat, a resistance band and 10 minutes. This exercise is a great way to strengthen the glutes while reducing activation of other hip extensor accessory muscles. Your bottom is comprised of a group […]


Fibromyalgia is a condition characterised by widespread musculoskeletal pain, with an increased sensitivity as a result of a lowered pain threshold. Other musculoskeletal symptoms of Fibromyalgia include numbness, pins and needles and increased responsiveness to sensory stimuli such as light touch, heat or cold. You may also have common points of tenderness including around the […]